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Helpless, an emotion that makes you feel paralysed and useless. Let's delve into the subject of it.

What it feels to be Helpless

Ever hit a dead end in the journey of your life? These dead ends make you feel so alone and vulnerable. As a result, you start overthinking to the point where you can not perform your everyday tasks and you become essentially dysfunctional. The criticism that you receive for not doing something productive does nothing but demotivate you and push you further down the dark abyss of depression.

This feeling where you have nowhere to go in the moment of need is helplessness. It’s a treacherous web that people get stuck in at a young age unknowingly. People tend to know that they’re upset or sad or depressed but aren’t aware of the causes of it.

How do you become Helpless?

Childhood traumas are cruel memories which harm us so deeply that even we don’t know the depth of the bruises it caused. In the end all there is, is a scar that reminds us of something horrible that we have been through that is the cause of our misery and sadness.

To help us come out of it, we have to go through the painful memories of our past and go through the pain. It is a scary path, the thought of going through the pain that caused you depression again is terrifying.

Vatsalya offers counselling sessions to come out of the place that helplessness has locked you in as a hand  that guides you out of it.