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Parenting is an all encompassing process wherein the parents or the caretakers are responsible for nurturing, nursing and healthy development of the biological physiological (nutrition and physical health) psychological (emotions and behaviour) mental (intellect) and spiritual well-being of the child from the time they are born until they mature to become a healthy adult.

Being a parent is a complex and a demanding role. Even the Small and non-apparent mistakes may have a lasting impact on the child’s personality. It only more so, hence becomes important for the parents and caregivers to understand realise and be careful in front of and when dealing with children.

At Vatsalya, our programmes for effective parenting include family therapy, parent counselling and marital counselling. These help the parents in developing Awareness and skill building to understand and bring up children based on psychological principles to enhance optimal development. Our programs collectively and individually focus on several aspects pertaining to the child’s psychological growth including but not limited to the undermentioned facets.

Development at different stages

  • babyhood
  • preschool
  • school age
  • adolescence.

Emotional enhancement

  • Emotional Environment in family and enhancing “Emotional Intelligence”
  • Communication and positive parent child relationship, and to resolve interpersonal conflicts and difficulties.

Parent counselling

  • For those who are in need of support and help for their children’s or their own problems and emotional reactions.
  • Identifying and understanding signs of stress in children
  • Managing misbehaviour and coping with children’s problems in education.

Marital counselling is undertaken where marital conflicts appear to be affecting child’s emotional well being.