Better Health Without Medicines


At Vatsalya, we offer an array of therapies, free of medication. From self awareness sessions, counselling, psychotherapy, experiential learning methods to self-learning techniques, our offerings extend from children, teens, adolescents, young adults to adults of any age.

Behavioural Therapy
Behavioural Therapy

Behavior intervention is the most common intervention employed in child psychology therapy.

Child Therapy

Children are constantly growing and changing physically, psychologically, and socially in their interaction with the world, if they are not in time for a check, their therapy only gets longer and complicated.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy


Couple Therapy

Disorder Management

Children require consideration of genetic, physical, intellectual, family and other environmental factors, in order for their disorders to be taken care of.

Educational Problems

Stresses related to educational performance faced by children have substantially increased. The main problem however, is not studies.

Emotional Parenting
Emotional Parenting

Marital Counselling

Online Sessions

If visiting the clinic is not possible, you can book an online session.

Open Schooling

Our Approach

Every history is different; Every individual, unique; And not everybody needs medicine.

Parent counseling
Parent counseling

Poor parenting contributes to the problematic behaviour of children by exacerbating the symptoms.


Parenting is a complex, dedicated and demanding process which binds and holds you responsible for the development of a child from their birth until maturity.

Personality Development

Programmes for parents

Programmes for Students

Psychological Testing

We provide a range of psychological testing services for statistical and quantitative assessment.


The treatment of mental disorder by psychological rather than medical means.

Therapy for Adolescents

Our life skills programme for adolescents helps the youth to choose the appropriate values and behavior that are necessary to deal with life effectively.

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