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Managing the behaviour of children

What you may think as bad behaviour, might just be a natural part of the child's development.

Growing in a world of cameras

If children grow up to believe they are the centre of attention, and fail to get the desired attention, they will get depressed.

Expectations from Therapy

Before you opt for it, it's important to understand, what a psychological therapy is not and the kind of outcomes to expect.

Common Problems with kids

Here's a list of commonest problems parents face with children and adolescents, for your reference.


Parenting is a complex, dedicated and demanding process which binds and holds you responsible for the development of a child from their birth until maturity.

Parent counseling
Parent counseling

Poor parenting contributes to the problematic behaviour of children by exacerbating the symptoms.

Child Therapy

Children are constantly growing and changing physically, psychologically, and socially in their interaction with the world, if they are not in time for a check, their therapy only gets longer and complicated.

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