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Adolescence refers to long transitional developmental period between childhood and adulthood.

Adolescence is a fascinating period, one which involves process of physical, sexual, psychological, and social transformation towards mature adult life. It is a period of development of identity, choice for educational and career options, which often causes stress and turmoil in adolescents.

Today many adolescents become target of drug abuse, violence, antisocial activities and other stress induced problems in the face of too much pressure. Some are victims of exploitation of sexual nature, and sexually transmitted disease because of lack of proper knowledge and life skills. Many require education, guidance, and some severely disturbed may require professional help too.

Our life skills programme for adolescents help the youth to choose the appropriate values and behaviour that are necessary to deal with life effectively. It helps in developing positive emotional health and self-confidence. Sessions on “know thyself”, self-enhancement, dealing with emotions (E.Q.), stress management, communication, assertiveness etc. are a pivotal inclusion in the course of therapy amongst others.

Should it necessitate, pharmacotherapy is referred judiciously.