Better Health Without Medicines

We provide the psychology students and interns with an opportunity for an internship, to get a practical understanding of child psychology.

As an intern you work under the supervision and guidance of our senior team members. You are encouraged to observe understand and participate in the several realistic practical and subjective approaches we take in dealing with children and adolescents facing different issues .

You will appreciate that in dealing with children and teens one needs to have good sense of empathy, decent command on language (English / Hindi / Gujarati) should be soft-spoken but assertive and have good communication skills. Remember, it can be frustrating to deal with children, especially the problem ones but being aggressive doesn’t help, So you need to have patience tolerance and a balanced temperament as well.

After your period of service with us is over, you can request for a certificate of experience at Vatsalya. If you plan to apply for an internship at the clinic, please email us your profile Including the duration of your availability.