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Every child is special in their own respect, despite the common problems found. We understand this and hence personalize our treatment plans for every child individually. the schedule, session content as well as the therapeutic measures are tailored, best suited as per the need of time, familial limitations and the understanding of the children itself.

What does the treatment plan for each child largely comprise of?

Early Intervention Programme

Our early intervention programme for children with developmental delays includes Play and activity to enhance percepto-motor stimulation, gross and fine motor skills, visuo-motor coordination by activities like drawing, craft, paper-cutting etc.

Remedial Education

Depending on the type of educational or learning problem, individual remedial education is planned for each child, at the level of their abilities, including but not limited to...

  • Speech therapy
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Group therapy
  • Behaviour modification with parent involvement
  • Working out reinforcement to enhance positive behaviour
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Disorder Management

Children require consideration of genetic, physical, intellectual, family and other environmental factors, in order for their disorders to be taken care of.

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Therapy for Adolescents

Our life skills programme for adolescents helps the youth to choose the appropriate values and behavior that are necessary to deal with life effectively.

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