Better Health Without Medicines

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Motivational videos can be helpful however their effectiveness lasts only so much. Furthermore, how much they influence depends upon The speaker the listener the environment and the state of mind. The thing about motivational videos is that they are like a dose of medicine which when taken can influence impact and maybe even boost the individual for a certain period of time. The freshly induced energy stimulates the individual filling them up with excitement. with time however The effect of the dose withers away leaving individual empty and tired thereby inciting a sense of sadness depression and hopelessness. Over the period of time the individual Gets acquainted with the bits of dosages they have taken and will need only more so to get a sense of gratification and new hopes. What really is happening here is that individuals are using temporary methods to feel excited about doing something. The only problem with this approach is that such temporary solutions do not necessarily change the Intrinsic habits or the behaviour, simply give a new makeover. in this process the actual problem remains unaddressed the focus distracted diverted and attention dissipated on to something which is not really helping address the root cause of the problem. Videos may be good for a little bit of inspiration and when used in conjunction with therapy also do wonders. Therapy on the other hand helps an individual to focus on themselves, cutting down the distractions and truly addressing the fundamental issues that need to their absolute attention. It’s also important to note that something which has worked for someone might not necessarily apply to the other . Regardless most videos tend to motivate people using generic approaches through intellectual stimulation. No matter how much a person understands on an intellectual level, unless they have worked on their emotions They will struggle to implement and execute, This was the problem in the first place which any motivational videos or books fail to do anything about.