Better Health Without Medicines

All the children and adolescents are carefully guided and supervised under the vibrancy and dynamism of our zesty team members.

Psychologist - Sakshi Pindoria

Sakshi Pindoria

Psychologist & Manager

Sakshi started her career as a special educator in 2006. Over the period she has worked as a psychologist, therapist, counsellor and a teacher. She has been associated with diverse private and government establishments including clinics, hospitals and schools across Gujarat including The Indian Air Force, Bhuj.

Psychologist - Esha Jain

Esha Jain

Counselling Services Executive
& Special Educator

Esha manages our counselling services and is a dynamic attentive teaching enthusiast. She is our "all-students favourite" teacher! Esha holds a masters degree in psychology and a complementing degree in Human Resource Management. She is well versed in tactfully dealing with the mischievousness of the hyper-kids whilst equally capable of attending to all the lovely special children.

Experiential Educator - Abhishek Jain

Abhishek Jain

Experiential Educator

Abhishek specialises in activities-based experiential workshops. He has mentored over a hundred workshops across several disciplines, impacting and transforming perspectives through empathetic, hands-on practical approach, which induces experiential realisation, opposed to mere theory.

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