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Youniverse is a hands-on activity driven, experiential self-enhancement journey. The interactive, extensive, exciting and exhaustive sessions of the workshop take you far from the stressful rutty routines of regularity to explore and relish a rejuvenating flavour of life. It flusters, flushes and infuses you into your self. You get to explode, implode and immerse your emotions and physicality through experiential tasks.

In the course of the process, as you progress, you grow to appreciate, develop and nurture a profound understanding of society and become spontaneous whilst organically adapting to life as is.

The workshop comprises of a multitude of brain stimulating and heart felt topics and subjects, including, but not limited to..

  • Self-awareness
    • Body awareness
    • Sensory awareness
    • Emotions, Empathy & Feelings
    • Courage, Confidence & Corruption
    • Intellectualisation & Actualisation
    • Relationships
    • Society & Seclusion
  • Communication
    • Elocution
    • Presentation skills
    • Interviewing skills
    • Non-verbal communication
    • Gesticulation
    • Body language
    • Mannerism & Etiquette
    • Continual conversations
    • Spontaneity & Extempore
  • Art
    • Art therapy
    • Doodling
    • Drawing
    • Illustration
  • Creativity & Expressionism
    • Creative problem solving & Improvisation
    • Imagination
      • Learning to unlearn
      • Brainstorming
      • Ideation
      • Association & Disassociation
      • Mind mapping
      • Decision tree
    • Thinking techniques
      • Absurd thinking
      • Lateral thinking
      • Design thinking
    • Sound & Creativity
      • Visualising music
      • Muted expressionism
      • Vocalising thoughts
    • Writing & Visualisation
      • Creative writing
      • Story telling
      • Expressions of dreams
      • Photographic / Video exploration
    • Anarchy & Symmetry
    • Corporate Creativity
  • Team building & synchronisation
  • Photography
  • Movie making
  • Life, Love & Edification
    Exploring, discovering, accepting and ennobling life through Yoga


The workshop is mentored by Abhishek Jain.
Abhishek specialises in activities-based experiential workshops for educational institutes, individuals and corporates.
Know more about him.

Next Session

Sunday, onwards 1 PM at Vatsalya

Who can attend?

Anyone wanting to explore, discover and evolve in a playful but profound manner are welcomed.


Whilst Youniverse is a journey progressing on weekly basis, every session focuses on a different aspect, so you do not need to worry if you may have missed previous sessions; you can always join in afresh. And whereas some sessions do require preparatory work, participants are informed in advance.


The workshop sessions are organic and require certain arrangements per participant. If you are sure to come, kindly confirm by informing us.

In order to make it more effective and personal per participant, the maximum number of participants per session is limited to 10. Should you not be able to attend, please update us, so that we can pass your seat to somebody else.


Except for the material cost, Youniverse is free for students and young adults.

What should you carry along?

Just a diray for self reflections and a pen!

For any other details please Get in touch.