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We help children, adolescents, families and adults to develop, nurture and sustain a healthy mental state of mind without the intervention of medicines.

Better Health Without Medicines

Power of Psychology
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Every history is different; Every individual, unique. And not everybody needs medicine.

In an age of instant gratification, popping pills to remediate apparent symptoms sounds like a tempting option. The question is, can you really cure a permanant problem with a temporary solution? Or, Should You?

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Children need attention.

These are times of easy lives for our children. But with easy comes the perils of comfort.

A growing number of children and adolescents are either suffering from or exhibit some or other kind of symptoms, which are sure shot indicators of whether they need attention.

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Dr. Ratna Bilwani

Dr. Ratna Bilwani was a source of inspiration, motivation, a mentor and a guiding light for thousands of patients, parents, students and individuals. The journey with our one-and-only, our role model, our beloved and afflatus - Dr. Ratna Bilwani ceased with her sad demise on January 06, 2017.

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Psychologist - Sushma Jain

Sushma Jain


Sushma was a senior psychologist, assiting Dr. Ratna Bilwani at Better We since 2000. She has successfully counselled, rehabilitated, and guided scores of children, adolescents, parents and adults through a blend of assorted, flexible and personalised strategies.

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Therapy for Adolescents

Our life skills programme for adolescents helps the youth to choose the appropriate values and behavior that are necessary to deal with life effectively.

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